A cafe, a hotel lobby or other workspace for collaboration on intellectual property and technology development

If you are a start-up,  I can provide development support, by helping you find funding, a prototyper or a manufacturer.  I can help you negotiate a license or sale of your patent, or make your case for increased start-up valuation based on your patent filings.  In some cases, I will work with the promising but cash-poor start-up in exchange for equity, or even serve in an advisor position.

If you are a larger concern, I can add intellectual property portfolio advising, development and opinion drafting, working hands-on with your engineers and product leads to find overlooked intellectual property.  I can take on patent filings for a particular product line.  I can enhance your trial teams.  And, I can help you find star developers.  I am not a recruiter; rather, matching developers with projects based on real personal fit is something I do as part of outreach to my client base.